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Welcome to the TTOAM Home on the Web
Trinidad & Tobago Organic Agricultural Movement PDF Print E-mail

Mission Statement

Proactively providing the Caribbean Organic Movement with a unified interface between agriculture and industry, in pursuit of the adoption of ecologically, socially and economically sound systems, which are based on the Principles  of Organic Agriculture, while effectively contributing to sustainable Regional and National  development in the Caribbean.

Definition of Organic Agriculture PDF Print E-mail

Organic Agriculture is defined as a holistic approach to agricultural production management, which is based upon a given set of processes resulting in a sustainable ecosystem, safe food, proper nutrition, adequate animal welfare and social justice. It promotes and enhances the agro-ecosystem by encouraging biological cycles and soil biological activity.

Cuba’s Technological change: from conventional to alternative agriculture PDF Print E-mail

Prior to the 1989-90 collapse of its trade relations with the socialist bloc, Cuba had an agricultural system that was “highly modern”. Farming methods depended heavily on imported inputs. Around half of the chemical fertilizers and more than 80 percent of the pesticides were imported, as were many of the ingredients needed for the domestic manufacture of these inputs. Following the loss of its privileged access to subsidized markets in Eastern Europe, and a subsequent drastic reduction in foreign exchange earnings, the government cut off all imports of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in 1990.